Fabric First

The fabric first initiative was designed as a standard for timber frame on all new build properties for reducing the levels of carbon emissions across the built environment.  Taylor Lane (Wales) follows a fabric first approach.

The UK is committed to combatting climate change and building regulations are part of this drive to change.

By approaching each design with a fabric first commitment we can meet the performance standards required for any new building, effectively and efficiently.

Our designs incorporate high levels of energy efficiency and thermal performance by focussing on three key elements: air tightness, U-values and thermal bridging.  As a result our building envelope incorporates efficiency rather than leaving it to ‘add-on’s’ that can be installed or retro fitted.

All our timber is sourced from sustainable sources with complete chain of custody and we are PEFC accredited.

Long-term, the design of each timber frame building ensures high level energy and thermal performance for years to come.  Combine this efficiency with the lowest CO2 of any commercially viable building material and it is easy to see why timber frame construction is an increasingly popular build method.

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