What types of Insulation can I use in my dwellings?

There are various types of insulation available depending on the application it is to be used for and the required U values to be achieved.

TIMBER BATTS – A semi-rigid unfaced slab designed to give thermal and acoustic insulation and fire resistance. It is push fitted between studs at 600mm centres and is made from natural materials and recycled glass. Batts are the most common form of timber frame insulation and are used in internal panels and either 90 or 140mm external panel applications.

ROLLS – A product that is produced from fine, non-combustible glass mineral wool and generally used in horizontal applications such as roof and floor areas.

POLYURETHANE – Expanded plastics that are used when high insulation values are to be achieved as they have excellent insulation properties. It is generally used as a rigid board for installation in sloping roofs or even between the studs in external wall panels. It can also be sprayed in situ as an expanding foam to follow complex shapes.

WARMCELL – This is an insulation material made from recycled material such as paper. It is blown into the required area pneumatically by specialist contractors on site from a van mounted machine. It is used in wall panels, horizontal and sloping roof areas and floors and can result in high U values.

EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE – An economic cellular plastic made by foaming polystyrene, usually supplied as extruded board. Different grades are available for roof decks and under floating floors. Taylor Lane supply a 60mm board for floating ground floor applications.

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