What external wall thicknesses do Taylor Lane supply & what are the advantages of having a thicker wall panel?

Taylor Lane supply two wall thicknesses as standard which are using either 90 x 38mm or a 140 x 38mm studwork. Timber battens can be fixed to the internal face of the panel to thicken it further if required. All external panels generally have an outer sheathing of 10mm OSB (sterling board) or similar and breather paper fitted using polypropylene tape. Using a wider wall panel enables you to include a thicker layer of insulation in between the studs. This will achieve better U values, resulting in a more energy efficient house and so reducing heating bills. The average extra cost for having 140mm external panels in lieu of 90mm for a 3/4 bed house is generally in the region of £1250.
Width of external panel available and the U Values achieved are as follows – (based on insulated timber frame panel / 50mm cavity & 100mm brickwork external skin)
External panel thickness 90mm 140mm
U Value (0.35) (0.30)

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