How do costs for timber frame compare with a brick and block house?

No intensive cost exercises have been done on a comparison between a Timber Frame structure and a traditional brick and block structure. On a material only basis timber frame does work out more expensive on paper but there are many other aspects to take into account.

  • The speed of construction, whilst taking the bricklayers off the critical path and enabling trades to work both inside and outside the structure at the same time will give a speedier return on your investment.
  • Less maintenance call backs than other trades as it is a dry construction.
  • A timber frame project can be budgeted much more accurately without the projects costs escalating out of control.
  • The timber frame company take on the engineering calculations and the working drawings for the structural shell which takes a lot of pressure off the client.
  • The client gets a higher insulated, more accurately manufactured structure in comparison to a brick and block house. All of the above go towards equating the price between timber frame and traditional brick and block.

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